Terms & Conditions

of booking 

Us/We/The Photographer = Redhouse Photography 
You/The Client = The person /company making the booking.
  1. All images taken and on this website are subject to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. 

  2. Images may be used as the client sees fit for their intended use as agreed. They may not be sold to a 3rd party.

  3. A credit to '©' is requested at the foot or side of each image used in press or media.

  4. The photographer shall be granted artistic license in relation to any poses used and the locations of such. Liaison with the client shall be made to this and where possible all requests will be met. 

  5. It is expected the client will take all precautions to inform the workforce and public that photography will be taken and we cannot be held responsible if subjects are photographed whereby they did not wish this. 

  6. The client shall make sure that all precautions for health and safety are met and the photographer shall be in no danger of incident, accident or harm from equipment or persons.

  7. Terms - Payment is required 28 calendar days or less from invoice date. Any delay of payment beyond this will be subject to The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013.

  8. The client herby allows the use of any image taken by us for our use as promotion either in print or digitally.

  9. By making a booking request and a date, time and cost have been agreed, If a change of photoshoot day or time or cancellation Is requested by the client then we will allow the change of this up to 48-hours before the shoot is to take place. If the cancellation is made 48 hours or less then the 50% of the full amount of the original fee is required unless a suitable booking had been made in place, However we strive to be flexible and understand things may change.

  10. Bookings made via phone or email will be counted as a contract of booking and will be subject to section 9 of these T&C's